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The Brief
Cazbah, in partnership with Prospects, manages the Youth Entrepreneurship Services project as part of the Welsh Government’s Big Ideas Wales campaign. An essential part of this contract was to develop a new Primary Schools in Wales Enterprise Competition for children between 5 and 11 years old as well as for teachers and mentors.

The competition required a lead character to inspire children to learn business skills in an enjoyable environment. As well as this it also needed a way to help recognise the commitment that primary schools have to developing children's entrepreneurial skills and provide an opportunity for them to showcase this.

Our Approach
We launched our new Primary School Enterprise Competition for Wales in May 2013 by Edwina Hart, AM Minister for Economy, Science and Transport.

As part of the competition we created a ‘family’ of characters based on the four qualities of entrepreneurship; Attitude, Creativity, Relationship and Organisation (ACRO). These characters were given the name The Enterprise Troopers or in Welsh, Y Criw Mentrus and they consisted of Amy (Attitude), Callum (Creativity), Rhian (Relationships) and Owain (Organisation).

The idea was that as super-heroes, they would work as a team in order to develop great new business ideas based upon their individual special talents. These characters were of completely bilingual designs and complemented the existing Welsh Government Big Ideas Wales brand.


Our efforts proved to be a great success on this campaign with 100% of schools that were visited by The Enterprise Troopers agreeing that the event process was engaging enough for pupils and 100% of schools believing that there was enough support available throughout the competition for both teachers and students. Amongst the great outcome, some comments included —

“Enterprise Troopers literature was useful in helping the children develop their business.”

“Event was fantastic — lots to engage the children.”

“Enterprise Troopers were fun and engaging.”