About Us

We listen - We've got a team experienced in every communication skill there is. We believe the most important of these is the ability to listen. We'll sit with you and listen to your needs, aims and objectives before we suggest a thing.

We're approachable - Some have a perception that those who work in marketing and events are, to put it bluntly, up themselves. Our clients will tell you we're not like that.

We're unstuffy - We could say unpretentious, but that would be quite a pretentious word to use. Our people are skilled, confident, creative, and experts in their field. But most importantly they always work with a smile. When you work with us you get the people. We hope that's a good thing.

We're Welsh and very proud of it too. It's reflected in our bilingual service and essentially in our attitude. We're real, honest, straight talking, with none of the 'fluff' that people associate with our industry.